Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Deep Sleep

Hehehe, I felt smug yesterday on the way home.

The ticket manager/guard made his way down the train as per normal. ‘Tickets Please!” he called. He reached one girl in her twenties who was having a snooze and listening to her I-Pod (this was not me, I hasten to add, it was another Girl On A Train, and no it wasn’t a Quiet Carriage)

He said to her, ‘tickets please’.

No response. She continued to snooze happily, eyes closed, head up, jaw threatening to drop.

He said again, this time louder, ‘can I see your ticket please, Madam’

Again, no response. By this time everyone was watching – including me.

Train managers have obviously been taught to not touch passengers (and rightly so) for he then proceeded to lean over and knock on the glass by her head. Very loudly.

‘Can I see your ticket please, madam!’

still no answer! I couldn’t believe she hadn’t woken up after all the commotion. She must have been in a very deep sleep.

So the train manager then went around to behind her seat (fortunately nobody was seated behind her) and shook the headrest that her sleep head was resting against backwards and forwards quite frenetically.

Ha, that woke her up! She opened her eyes, registered what was happening and turned around to glare at however was banging her seat.

Then she realised it was the Train Manager and quickly understood the situation. Then she noticed everyone was smirking at her.


For once, it wasn’t me!


Daniel (memorex) said...


Bet that cheered you up! :P


Yorksdevil said...

Cruel, but funny.

I hate FGW said...

I've just discovered your blog, and am enjoying catching up with your commuter adventures. I've added you as a link to my blog, and wondered if you'd be kind enough to have a look at mine. Different train service, but very similar experiences!
Many thanks

The Boy said...

I would have enjoyed watching that! I hate it when people "sleep" through ticket collection...