Thursday, 5 April 2007

It's Too Hot and It's Too Cold

Well, there has not been much going on in TrainLand this week. I have been sleeping particularly deeply, and now only need to wait for two to three stops before I put my book down to engage in a snooze.

I have noticed a wide degree of variability of temperature in the trains recently though. Sometimes, it is unbearably warm and stuffy, others it is too chilly. I think I prefer the former temperate climate as it effortlessly allows me to fall into slumber when it is hot inside the carriage. When it is cold, however, I find myself shivering and trying to get myself warm enough to fall asleep.

You see, everything revolves around whether I can get a decent bit of kip or not.

On another note, I am reading John Banville’s The Sea. An interesting read with elegant language and prose. Although, in all honesty, not much has actually happened yet in the plot, which may be why I am sleeping a bit more this week!


the boy who likes to said...

I learnt a new trick this week for getting on stuffy trains. This works only if you dont get on last. WHat you do see is, take off your coat and stick it on the bag rack above you. Simple but very effect. I was surprised I hadnt thought about this sooner.

Daniel (memorex) said...

Best thing to do is - go in the rear cab. You get a good 2 meters private space, and controllable heaters and AC. :)

Anonymous said...

don't know how you do it, x

Daniel (memorex) said...

Get a BR1B key for older stock, or a T-Key for the Desiros!

Join the railway and get them for free! :)