Thursday, 15 February 2007

Response to my complaint

15 February 2007
Dear ……..
Thank you for your email of 1 February 2007.

Please accept my apologies for the problems you experienced on yourjourney from F… to W…. on 1 February 2007.

As you mention, engineering work was taking place requiring customers to travel forward by a special bus service. I am sorry to note the delay that occurred with the replacement bus service, and it is very muchregretted that this caused you so much inconvenience. However; we do need to point out that in our published engineering work timetable itdoes state that customers should allow extra time as many bus and trainjourneys will take longer than normal. Also as much as we would like towe are unable to guarantee that train and bus journeys will run as perthe published timetable.

Thank you for advising us about this delay you experienced and onceagain, please accept my sincere apologies for the unexpectedinconvenience you were caused.
Kind Regards
Customer Relations Officer

I'm not sure I feel all that happy about that response. So, I aimed for the 7.15am (15 minutes earlier than normal) thinking this would get me to work by 9am (when I normally get there for 8.30am) , but I still should have left more time?? In theory I had 45 minutes to spare, but I was still 45 minutes late! Do you think it is worth another response? I know they are probably inundated with complaints, but I feel this is response is silly. We do say that we might not necessarily be able to stick to the published timetable..what on earth is the point of it then!?!? Rah!

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une anglaise à l'étranger said...

if you allowed for a forty five minute delay i reckon you should complain again.

this was a flimsy reply on their part.