Friday, 23 February 2007

Response to the second complaint

Ah it’s been a little while (again!)
My response to my 2nd complaint about the response to my first complaint is as follows: (well, this came after they sent me a blank e-mail as a response. Very helpful. I then had to wait for a response to my response to the blank email!)

COPY- (We have been experiencing problems with sending of emails,so please see copy body text as follows) Our ref: February 2007

Dear .. Thank you for your further email.

Please accept my renewed apologies for the problems you experienced onyour journey from F to W.

As you mention, engineering work was taking place requiring customers totravel forward by a special bus service. I am sorry to note the delaythat occurred with the replacement bus service, and it is very muchregretted that this caused you so much inconvenience.

However; as muchas we would like to we are unable to guarantee that train and busjourneys will run as per the published timetable. I note that you refer to reimbursement of your consequential costs suchas petrol etc. I am afraid that we do not normally meet such costs andthis is explained in the National Rail Conditions of Carriage. TheConditions explain that when a train is late or cancelled, a connectionis missed or the railway is closed, the train company is not responsiblefor meeting additional expenses or resulting losses.

I am afraid that Iam unable to agree your request. If you would like a full copy of theConditions, they can be obtained from station ticket offices, or byvisiting

I trust this clarifies our position and we do endeavour to satisfy ourcustomers; but if you remain unhappy with my response you may contactPassenger Focus. This is an independent body set up to protect railusers interests. Their address is as follows: PassengerfocusFreepost WA1521WarringtonWA4 6GP Telephone 08453 022 022Email: I assure you of our best intentions at all times

So that’s it!
I don’t know what I was expecting really. I think my expecations had been raised by Bluesoup and others when they told me stories of success when they complained. Somehow, I was expecting more. However, they did not provide. And I shall continue travelling with them forevermore like a mug!

Well, not forevermore, but you know what I mean. For a little while at least.

A good note though is that it is half term here. You know what that means don’t you. Yes, a nice quiet, peaceful journey with no terrible teenagers. Oh it’s great. I have even started listening to my Ipod again now that I can actually hear myself think. Take That’s new album is on the playlist this week. You’ve got to love those chaps. You just can’t help it.

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Shola said...

Half-Term was last week us in London, well for my Children. Enjoy the peace while it lasts.