Thursday, 18 January 2007

Blowin' in the Wind

I think High Winds are exciting yet scary. There’s something quite humbling about being nearly blown off your feet by something so powerful. It makes you realise how small and little we are in comparison to Mother Nature. I quite enjoy listening to powerful winds from the safety and comfort of an indoor place.

On the other hand, high winds can be extremely frightening and dangerous. You only have to look at the headlines on the breakfast news to realise the tragedy that high winds can evoke.

On the train this morning, there was a tree that had fallen over the track. It hadn’t fallen in a way that meant we couldn’t pass, though. The train driver braked sharply (as sharp as you can brake with a train which doesn’t do anything quickly) but then made the decision to barge through the tree with his big train. It worked, but the tree knocked against the side of the entire train as the train passed. It was a bit like when you go past low-hanging trees when you are sitting on the top deck of a double-decker bus. Bang bang knock crack – right on the window by your face.

The sea goes mad when it is windy. It crashes right against the walls of the coast and sprays sea water all over the place. It’s very exciting, but today they have closed off the road that runs parallel to the sea for fear of flooding. Plus, I am told that salt water is no good for a car’s bodywork.

I hope everyone is coping well with the wind today!


blue soup said...

The wind is something else today isn't it! I was trying to get through the cut through under major high street bank's big office building opposite the station which doubles up as a wind tunnel and struggled to walk forward!! I was like "sheesh already!"

pinkjellybaby said...

i think i would wet myself if that happened while i was on the train!

Cher Ping said...

well, hallo from Germany!

When the hurricane came on us, the train service was suspended - that was a first in german history, so I guess I'm going to have some stories to tell my grandchildren. ;)

the dratted thing is - since coming to europe, I've not had a TV set (i hate wasting my time) and i missed out on all the hurricane warnings. If i knew what was coming, i would have stayed at home instead of lugging my rearend to work..