Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Football Fans

Football fans. Why do they consistently match the formulaic representation of hooligan football fans when they get together? They are, in all probability, all regular, well-balanced individuals with a steady family life and a good job in the real world. Once they convene in a group though, they just turn into monsters. There seems to be something quite primeval about a troupe of men together in honour of eleven men kicking a ball around. I was blessed to encounter a pack of football fans on the train on the way home last night. When they stepped into the carriage they were swiftly followed by the stench of stale beer on their breath. There is nothing worse than smelling beer from another’s breath, especially in confined quarters.

They are even worse than the teenagers for yelling and bawling at each other. Yet another group who fail to understand that it is not necessary to shout at each other when just sitting opposite one another.

Can’t you tell I’m trying to sleep!?

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