Wednesday, 10 January 2007

What's the Worst That Could Happen?

Oh dear.
Superdrug are doing 2 for 1 on my favourite beverage.
This is the fizzy drink that will cure all hangovers (well, all of mine anyway), perk me up when I need it, cheer me up, give me energy, and quench my thirst. The taste is divine. A glimpse of the beautiful red and white logo makes me squirm with pleasure.
Quite sad but true.

Feeling a bit thirsty on the train home? Pulling this out of the handbag will always make the train journey better.

Yes, it’s Dr Pepper, the finest fizzy drink in this land, oceans better than its rival Coca Cola, and equally as bad for your teeth.

So now I come back from the shops at lunchtime with not one, but two, portions of bottled delight.

This is not good, I’m very sorry Mr Dentist.


the boy who likes to said...

I've never tried and will never go near Dr Pepper.
I just dont trust it. Its name after a person. Whats with that?

Andy said...

ah....Dr Pepper! Try half a lager, topped up with coke and a shot of amaretto......all the taste and a bit of a kick too!

Then my fav cure for the hangover that can't beat Irn Bru!

blue soup said...

mortified that andy stole my drink! heheheheh

Yorksdevil said...

2 things:
1 - Coke is far better than all other fizzy drinks.
2 - I hardly think Dr Pepper could be described as Coke's rival considering that it is made by the coca-cola company.

Girl on A Train said...

Hmmm.. yes I@ve heard of amaretto and lager acting as a pub substitute for DP.

Yorksdevil, I am not as blessed with the knowledge of who owns who as you are. But I strongly disagree with point 1!!

Yorksdevil said...

It's usually demonstrated by the selections in drinks machines, but I did check their website to make sure I wasn't making a fool of myself.

Girl on A Train said...

Well I am glad you checked...
Although technically, from a consumer's point of view, they are rivals. if DR Pepper and Coca Cola were in the same machine, I would still only choose ONE can/bottle, I would choose one over the other. Not both.
Sorry, it's slightly weak argument, but I hate to be wrong.
They are rivals.