Tuesday, 9 January 2007

The End of the Free Tea Week

This morning I felt a twinge of withdrawal as the position where the jovial chappy usually stands with his trestle table and free tea was vacant this morning. Just the ghost of free beverages remains in our hearts and minds.

Have they decided that they have been nice enough already? Now they can continue to get away with crowded platforms and bus replacement services because they gave us one week of tea?

I, fortunately, am not affected by the bus replacement service. It begins at the stop I get off at. There must be nothing worse than finishing off an already over-long journey with a cold, damp trip in a 1970s double decker bus that only sees the light of day for ‘rail replacement services’ these days.

I have now had three scammers from Nigeria try to con me into sending my phones to them. Three! Each time I report the incident to Ebay. They respond with a polite message and sympathies. But they can’t do anything about it. It is a waste of time! Ok, I haven’t fallen for it, so at least I didn’t lose my item. But it completely undermines the very value that the success of ebay is based upon. Trust!


I am reading ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ at the moment. It’s very light. The plot is not dissimilar to ‘Ugly Betty’ on C4. I shan’t remember a word of what I’ve read when its finished. But it keeps me entertained on the train at least!


the boy who likes to said...

Maybe you should stick in big writing on your ebay advert thing "I will not send this phone over to Nigeria," or something similar. Ive seen a few phone adverts on ebay with this warning. I dont know if it helps. But at least it lets those scammers know that you know that they are there.You know?

bluesoup said...

What do you give The Devil Wears Prada out of 10? Is it worth getting? I'm on A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown which is good once you get into it. I swing between really liking her and being angry with what happened to her and really hating her for screwing the welfare system and scabbing. But at least it evokes emotions! Nothing else can at that time of the morning!

PS - as for SWT and the end of their free tea, I told you they were f*ckers :P

The Boy said...

I still want to figure out how you got free tea at all!

Like the Devil wears Prada, think Ugly Betty was actually based on it rather than the other way around.

Girl on A Train said...

Yes you are right, The Boy.
Bluesoup I would give it a 6..it's a bit light but it does make me quite angry that the main character puts up with so much cr@p from her boss. I certainly would not stand for that, no job is worth making you feel worthless as a person. So, similarly to your Piece of Cake, it makes me a bit cross. which is what I like from a book!

une anglaise à l'étranger said...

we've been had by Nigerian scammers before...

...and that is the reason why a lot of eBay users put 'we do not sell to Africans' on their page, which is quite sad really. You are not alone.