Wednesday, 3 January 2007

New Gadget and more Freebies

To my delight this morning, the free tea and coffee was back. Today however, South West Trains were slightly more enterprising than yesterday. Instead of simply supplying free drinks, they have diversified into selling newspapers and cookies too. They are hoping that, in receipt of a free hot drink from them, we may also be tempted into purchasing some reading material or some sugary snack. Such inspiration. You can’t teach it.

Today, I had a new-fangled gadget on the train to play with. A handheld computer thing. I’m not really certain what it is technically called. You can do Microsoft Office on it and access the internet (if there is a wireless network somewhere). I spent the first half of my journey tapping on it with the little baton and looking tremendously accomplished. I intermittently do some freelance translation work in my spare time for a company that I used to work for when I was a student. So, the aim of this new gadget is so that I can do it while I am on the train. Using my time wisely.

As my BF pointed out, this could come in useful.

At £12/hr, you could earn 48weeks*(50/60)minutes*5days*2per day =400hrs, *£12/hr = £4800 over the year if you charged for all your travelling time. After tax, that's £3744, which puts you £2144 in pocket after paying for your fare. Ker-Ching!

That would be nice. Very nice. Unfortunately, the freelance translation work is not quite frequent enough to allow for such a profitable extra income.

But it is a nice gadget.


The Boy said...

How come you get free tea at your station and we don't? Favouritism it is! I shall have to complain to the management (again...)

the boy who likes to said...

Maybe you could take up commuting to 'Anywhere' on your free time just to out in the extra hours work with your fandaggled baton thing.