Thursday, 15 March 2007

1,000 New Carriages

The night before last, as I relaxed on the sofa watching BBC 10 ‘o clock news, stretched out enjoying the evening and thinking about going to bed soon, I watched a news article about those 1,000 extra carriages to be added on to a number of routes.

Pictures of sorry commuters squeezing themselves into carriages that are already too packed. One poor chap holding a bunch of flowers returning home after work getting his black rucksack caught in the door as he desperately tried to wedge himself onto the train. People wearily standing in the aisles as their train took them to their place of work.

I sat on the comfy sofa watching these images.

I thought to myself, ‘thank god I don’t work in London anymore.’

Trains in the ‘country’ are less crowded, less stressful and generally a more pleasant place to be. The quality of those trains in the news article were old and shabby. My trains are new and shiny. I always get a seat so that I can fall asleep. I never get crushed (except between those internal doors) trying to get on the train.

Get those trains more carriages! Ah yes, 1,000 more carriages from the government you say? And then, at the end of the section, the news reporter finished off with, ‘the new carriages are expected to be ready by 2014.’ Hmmm, that’s 7 years away! Not soon enough to quell the immediate problems on the trains in some parts of the country then!


the boy who likes to... said...

The amusing thing about this (especailly for me as now I am one of those squashed people that have to commute to London every morning) is that by time they do arrive, the amount of passengers travelling on those routes would of increased so much that the extra carriages wont make helluva lot of difference.
Not to mention that they dont arrive either until AFTER the games. I might book a few days holiday during The Games and stay in doors.

Girl on A Train said...

That sounds like a good idea to me. avoid london during the Games! There will be no space on any of the public transport!

Daniel (memorex) said...

I'm going to hate going to school during the Olympics...

My local line goes to Stratford AND Stansted Airport...

God help me!