Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Books Books and Books

I have read a few books in February on the trains – I thought I’d create a short post to remind myself of those that I have read. I find that once I have finished the book, it completely slips from my memory and it is very hard to get it back again.

I once started reading a book (
Patrick Gale’s ‘Rough Music’) and only realised HALF WAY through that I had already read it just a year ago.

I have enjoyed,
Ben Elton’s Gridlock ( a book about commuting!), Jeremy Paxman’s The English (very pompous but what do you expect from Paxman?), John Grisham’s ‘The Summons’ (why do I keep reading Grisham books, they are not good!), Dean Koontz’s ‘The Husband’ (a thriller and very entertaining!)

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