Thursday, 22 March 2007

Seats Are For Bums, Not Bags

Isn’t it exasperating how people put their bags on the seat next to them, and then look at you in annoyance when you ask if you can sit there?

I’m sorry, but resting my weary body after a long day at work takes precedence over allowing your treasured bag to have pride of position on the seat right next to you.

I never have any qualms about walking along the aisle and asking people to remove their bag. Perhaps that is because I have a relatively long journey and cannot bear the thought of standing up for part of it.

Other people, I notice, are less inclined to ask people to remove their bag, and stand in the doorway area instead. I understand their reticence to an extent. It is a little bit of a pain to request a seat. Some people go to great pains to let you know what an inconvenience it is to have to displace their belongings. But so what?

“Seats are for bums, not bags.”

Perhaps South West Trains should have a quirky little poster up in trains to highlight this point. Heck, I’d even design it for them.

On another note, today this is my 50th Post, so 'Happy Fiftieth Post' to me !


Station Supervisor said...

I'm a bugger for making people move there bags.

Even if there is a seat not to far a way that's empty I'll get them to move it.

Just the look of annoyance as they move there bag and I throw my book onto the table and walk off to get a coffee.

Yorksdevil said...

I want to see your poster design. You can stick it up on here even if the train company doesn't use it.

The Model Commuter said...

I'm another one that will deliberately make people move thier bags even if there are other empty seats.

Happy 50th post :)

the boy who likes to said...

The one I hate is when you get people with long bags who appear like they feel free to use your lap to rest their bag. Sometimes I feel like telling people with big bags, "there's a frickin bag shelf above you"

Densha Girl said...

i hate it when people put their backs on the seatas too and from where I come from (Singapore), we'd never ask anyone to remove their bags. But now, i'm like you, asking people to remove their bags so i could sit because I pay $353 for a season ticket and I deserve to have a seat!
Great poster by the way! :)