Thursday, 21 December 2006

Annual Season Ticket Woes

Boo hoo

After three months of buying monthly rail cards, I have decided I need to commit to my train commuting lifestyle. I need to acknowledge that this is my fate in life for at least the next year. I shall no longer be in denial about it and pretend that this is merely a provisional situation and that I shall actually be moving to live just 5 minutes away from my workplace.

I shall purchase an annual season ticket

A gold card eh? That makes it sound rather elite, as if I will be a member of a very select club that only very special and exceptional people are qualified for.


And then I enquired at the train station as to how many British Pounds it will cost me.


How on earth can they validate charging so much? I know I would actually end up paying more than that if I continue to pay monthly, but still! If I pay them that much in one go, it is as if I am saying to them, ‘look here, it’s ok if you persist in providing a crap service to me, it’s not as if I can do anything about it since I’ve already paid you well in advance. You have already banked my money and are reaping the interest from it. There’s nothing I can dooooo’

And another problem. Where am I going to uncover that sum of money from in a lump amount? So, a humble trip to Accounts is in order I think!

But, at least I get a little ticket that says ‘Gold’ on it. Hehe. That makes me special.


Bluesoup said...

There is an "up" side to a Gold card. When you come to renew it in a year's time and SWT admit how rubbish they are, you are likely to get a nice little payback. And as it is a lump sum, rather than in spits and spurts like we monthly ticket buyers, it might feel pretty nice... until you realise that there are still a few thousand pounds coming out for the next year's gold card... Hmmm.

Thought about getting one myself, but hope to be well shot of this commute by then.

the boy who likes to said...

How much do they cost?

Maybe you get to go down a Gold escalator, through Gold barriers and on a Gold train that gets you were you want to be, on time and in comfort....end dream sequence

The Boy said...

As one "gold card" holder to another, I salute you. It is a very very special elite group you are entering, that allow SWT to beat and abuse you even more than normal. Do make sure you get a big stack of customer complaints forms. If ever you don't get a seat, or get delayed more than twenty minutes fill out one of these forms and be sure to hand it in. They actually do send out refunds so its moderately worth the palaver...

Michelle said...

Also... Make sure you buy it BEFORE the January price increase.

Some people don't realise you can get a discount on other national rail off-peak journeys with your annual. If I remember rightly you plus 3 of your friends can get a 30% discount if you travel as a group when you present your Gold Card.

HoosierGirl5 said...

I want a golden ticket, too! Oops, sorry, no trains in my area. Oh well.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Girl on a train. Stop by again.


the boy who likes to said...

Maybe if you open enough Wonka bars you may get lucky and find a Golden Ticket in there. :D haha

Girl on A Train said...

Good tip there Michelle - I'm going to get it on Saturday 30th!

I like how they call it gold in order to make it feel like something you should want to have.

I'm definitely going to make use of those complaint forms. Do you really get compensation if you take the trouble to complain? A full refund for the day? How does it work?

Michelle said...

I think it might depend on the train company. Mine used to give you a refund for lost days when your ticket expired, but now they mail it to you on a monthly basis (or so they say, I've yet to get a cheque). I've never bothered to complain but maybe I'd get more on top of the lost days if I did!