Monday, 11 December 2006

The delights of the M27 - suddenly, South West Trains don't feel too bad.

From some of my previous posts, anyone would think that I do not like my daily train journey. It’s a struggle, a bore, a pain, tedious, monotonous, irksome etc

Well, I’ve changed my mind.

I LOVE THE TRAIN IN THE MORNING! It is by far the best way to commute to work. It’s fast, comfortable and you can do other things whilst you get smoothly taken to your chosen destination. Hell, you can even sleep.

Why the change in attitude?

I drove to work this morning.

If I thought taking the train for 58 minutes was bad enough, I was sadly mistaken. Spending 2 hours in the car this morning with only Radio 1 for company while I endlessly release the clutch for just a few meters of first gear bliss, was one of the most stressful ways to get to work.

Despite leaving the house at 7.10am I was still 10 minutes late to work (start time is officially 9am). Plus, I was bursting for the loo, something which I have mentioned that always seems to happen to me in the car in my very first post.

By all costs, avoid the M27 and the M3 in the mornings. What a drag!

I can’t wait to get back on to the trains tomorrow!


Strandman said...

The other option is to counter commute or live in London! The nergy consumption, reduction is stress etc is worth ££££ and then take long weekends in country etc (seems wonderful).

une anglaise à l'étranger said...

commuting by car is definately stressful. At least on the train you can chill out to music and read before you get into the stresses of the office, and its a good start to wind down at the end of the day without sitting in nose to tail traffic jams!

from another new blogger!

bluesoup said...

Driving?! To commute?! Are you nuts? :) I moan about my train but give me my seat, iPod and a snooze any day :) What where you doing on the M27? I thought you were further up than me...

Bluesoup back in working mode again btw.

the boy who likes to said...

I think if I was stuck with nothing but radio1 of a morning I might go insane. Especially listening to moyles