Monday, 18 December 2006

Terrible Teenagers Talking on the Train

Ah, the week prior to Christmas.


At this time last year, when I was residing in London and taking the charming Northern Line to work everyday, I noticed a distinct plummet in the numbers of people squeezing themselves into moist, condensation-filled tube trains every morning. It seemed that the Christmas period had encouraged masses of people to take the last week before Christmas off work. As a result, the tubes were a fair bit quieter than average.

Consequently, I have anticipated seeing a similar outcome on the South West Train that I now take into work every morning.

More maths:
fewer people+quieter trains=happier sleeping me.

This is not the case. This morning, the train was crammed full of over-excited, adolescents and their hormones shouting and squealing, and generally talking at the tops of their lungs in a carriage full of people who really don’t deserve such an aural beating.

It is almost as if the Christmas period has had the reverse effect on teenagers. They are all turning up to school/college this week (probably because there is less work and more partying) and getting incredibly energised by it. I can’t understand why a collection of teens need to shriek at each other in the morning on the train. But there you go.

Perhaps this is the first sign of many that I am now, legitimately, a ‘grown-up’. It makes me cantankerous and grouchy to see these youngsters having fun in the morning. It annoys me. I wish they would just turn the volume down on their loudspeaker vocal chords and sit quietly in their seats, just as I do.

So, perhaps it is January I need to wait for in order to witness a slump in commuter numbers. In January, these teenagers may not feel quite as chipper in the mornings and, here’s praying, actually sit down and shut up.

Oh dear. I’m grumpy.

Saying that though, the office gossip this morning from Friday’s Christmas festivities have perked me up a little. You’ve got to love inappropriate behaviour amongst work colleagues haven’t you? Not me, that is. But witnessing it is extremely amusing indeed.

I also enjoyed a rather drunken ride home on the train on Friday evening after the party. On a lovely quiet train with no teenagers bawling at each other.

And I’m ashamed of it now, in the cold light of Monday morning, but on Friday night in my drunkenness, I even put my feet up on the seats…..


Bluesoup said...

Kids. Should. Be. Tied. Up. And. Put. In. Bags. And. Thrown. Off. Bridges.

Perhaps I am overexaggerating.

I got on the train this morning and there were two kids on there - about 10 or 11 or 15 years old (I have no idea) and I was all set to get pissed off at them, but they were good as gold, quiet as mice, [insert other hackneyed phrases here]. So all children are awful except for these two.

And maybe a handful of others.

What's the goss from Friday!!!!!!! Oh please!?!?

And you put your feet on the seats?! How VERY dare you! :)

Strandman said...

I am shocked and amazed.
Children are lovely and should be cherised and encouraged to SHOUT loudly at all times to *express* themselves. In future please give them sweets and sugar to make them hyper for greater period of time. And as for shoes on seats and feel this was what lost us an empire. And think of the germs! And everything! Also people behaving badly at - try working for yourself (on own) in posh office. Thinking about photocopying, err stuff. And going to stock cupboard with, well, myself. Sounds a riot!

the boy who likes to said...

well those teenagers will get a taste of their own medicine in a few years, when they are heading to work hoping to sleep
Not sure hwo this benefits you though.

Daniel (memorex) said...

Bluesoup said...

Kids. Should. Be. Tied. Up. And. Put. In. Bags. And. Thrown. Off. Bridges.


Now that's not very nice!!

I'm always quiet... and I don't even own an Ipod!

The last week has been horrible, commuting from the Suburbs right into Kings Cross... it's so tempting to use the key Midland Mainline gave me and go into the rear drivers cab...

But no, i'm a good boy... i'll have to sweat it out like the rest of ya :P.