Sunday, 24 December 2006

A week off work - the Christmas holiday!

Hoorah – a week off train travel!! And one week to prepare my finances for the abrupt shock of the gold card lump sum. What do you want for Christmas? Money please !!!!
No, only kidding – I managed to persuade my company to bestow on me a season ticket loan

It’s not something they normally offer actually, but I think they took pity on me as their furthest traveling employee! Can you believe that? Silly me travels the furthest to work of anyone in the company (about 50 people), as far as I know. This must mean there is something wrong with me, surely. I’m never the person to be ‘the most…’ anything, or ‘the least…’ so this has come as a bit of a surprise.

Anyway, seasons greetings to anyone reading this. I trust you all enjoy the time off work. Make the most of having a decent lie-in (if you are lucky) and not having to go to the office.

Is anyone working over the Christmas period? I’m lucky enough to have the whole time off as the office shuts down. However, in my last job in London, the office opened for two days between Christmas and New Year so you could choose whether to take the time off or not. Needless to say, both Christmases that I worked for that company, I decided to take the opportunity to get out of the house and go to work, where we sat around in the morning chatting, and then went to public house at lunchtime where we stayed for the rest of the day. Taxing stuff huh. The sensible option to saving annual leave for when you really need it! However, back then I was fortunate enough to be relatively close to my place of work. Not so easy to work inbetween Christmas and New Year when you are visiting relatives half-way across the country !


Strandman said...

Thank you- but at work now! Even with no commute these days are dull!! Merry New year

the boy who likes to said...

That was very nice of your work place to offer a loan. Very nice indeed.

Im in work now as I typed this. I tried to book of all days off between Boxing Day and New Years Eve (three in total). But as the project I work only has two people on it and the other person wanted of two of the same three days one of us had to sacrifice our holiday.
Out of politness, and so I could get all other days off I agreed to come in to work for one. I spend 4 hours on a coach from London to my home, spening less then 24 hours here before going another 4 hours back to London to spend New Year wth the missus.

There was a place I worked at last few years where they were closed only Christmas Day and New Years Day (they dealt with flights so had to be available) I tried to work as much as I could then as the overtime you could pick up during this period was unbelievable

Julia Buckley said...

Hope you're having a lovely holiday - and enjoying not being on a train!