Thursday, 7 December 2006

Flooding on the Line

The line was flooded today. Fortunately, not at my station so I was able to get on the train into the warmth at least. Not like all those poor sods caught in the rain at their deserted, water-soaked stations wondering where the hell their train was. Typically, it was only those stations that don’t have any sheltered area to stand under that were affected. Nice.

Why can’t UK cope with any adverse weather conditions? A spot of rain and the entire transport network breaks down! Just a couple of months ago, the alarm buttons were frenetically being pressed because we don’t have an adequate supply of water following such a drought over the last year. Yes, we should be delighted to have all this rain come down and fill up our dehydrated reservoirs!

I’ve just read about a ‘tornado in London’ on the road where a friend of mine used to reside. Chamberlayne Road in Kensal Rise (my friend always used to assert it was Queen’s Park actually, but I can’t talk. I used to live in Brixton but insisted it was Clapham really). Strange times indeed. I suppose it is all to do with climate change. Or just another English winter finally starting (sadly)

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