Monday, 4 December 2006


Spending so much time on commuter trains (there’s the train-link, I have to get it in somewhere!) with dapper looking city-slickers in my old London days made me think… How can I find out about shares? The mystery that is the StockMarket.

As a relatively young female with only 2 or so years of working life under my belt, I’m hardly rolling in disposable, spare cash. So, what is the point in showing interest in the wonder of the stockmarket. Surely that is for big (they are always big in my mind for some strange reason), rich, confident, risk-taking types. Not me. Not me who saves a little a month, adapting a rather dedicated approach to finances rather than a flamboyant one. Why would I want to give up my averagely performing savings account for the perils of what is, essentially, gambling?

I don’t really I suppose. That’s why I have taken up the idea of Fantasy Shares. Yehha!!! MSN Money have given me one hundred thousand of her Queen’s pounds to play with to make me my fortunes and change me my life. Oh yesss..

So I’ve been doing it for about, um, er, three days now. Where’s my fortune?! The riches!? The success?! The offers of chairperson of large multi-conglomerates!?

Rats, I’ve gone and lost £169 so far without a smidgeon of satisfaction to go with the experience. Ok, I have picked 6 companies based on careful considering and pondering of the finest detail of the share performance charts and close monitering of how the FTSE100 has performed over the last three days.

Or not. I picked the company I work at, the company I used to work at, the company my boyfriend works at, a company whose name I like, and another company whose share value has dropped in the past month at such an alarming rate that surely it will come up to skyscaping levels in the (hopefully near) future and make me loads of money.

Ensured of success am I not?!

Oh, I’ve just found out it’s not real money………..

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the boy who likes to said...

When it comes to the footsie 100 I dont know too much. But I do know that sticking money on the stockmarket with the recent slump is very silly.